Zero To One Hundred, Real Quick

Hi. I’m 28, newly married, and I have a great life. The only thing that I dislike about myself is that I’m very overweight. I graduated high school a little over 10 years ago weighing 150 pounds. I currently, as of this post, weigh 261.4. The added weight has come slowly over time, probably averaging 10-15 pounds a year during the worst years and then roughly maintaining on the not so rough years.

The most weight I’ve lost from one consistent effort was 30 pounds. The next closest was around 25 pounds. Other than those two efforts, I’ve had smaller diets that have lost 10-15 pounds several times. The two largest weight loss time periods in my life have been during a 6 week annual company weight loss campaign. However, I haven’t competed in that campaign the last few years… because I’m lazy and embarrassed.

Like I said, I’m very happy with my life. I have a soulmate and wonderful partner in my loving wife (we’ve almost been married one year!). We’re in that fun phase of planning our future and talking through possibilities and opportunities. Every time that I envision our future in my head, I am skinny. 100% of the time. 💯

A quick google search tells me that a 30 pack of beer weights 25 pounds. How convenient is that? I am carrying four 30 packs of beer every day. That’s kind of impressive. Have you ever tried carrying two 30 packs??

I’ve been very lazy. And I’ve had this pompous mindset of “well I can lose the weight anytime I want to”. This mindset has been enforced by my ability to quickly lose weight when I’ve wanted to. However, where I’ve been in denial, is my inability to keep that weight off. 240 to 210 in 6 weeks… and then back to 240 in 2-3 months.

I’ve had wake up calls that haven’t woken me up. Pretty much every time my blood pressure is checked:

Nurse: “Your blood pressure is a little high, do you have a history of that in your family?”

Me: “Yes.”

Nurse: “We’ll keep an eye on it but if it stays close to this we’ll want to get you on medication.” 

I’m 28. I don’t want to be on blood pressure medication. I was a hell of an athlete growing up. 150 pounds of pure muscle. My body fat % was under 5 percent. I touched a 10′ basketball rim in middle school. I ran a sub 6 minute mile. And ten years later I need blood pressure medication.

There’s been other wake up calls. I failed to lose weight for my wedding and now I’m stuck looking at my 250 pound self on the best day of my life. But I can change that. I need to change that.

There’s a quote that inspired me to write this blog. To start this blog. Hopefully to chronicle my journey towards losing 100 pounds. Here it is:

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

-Mary Angelou

I don’t like that I never want to stand up in front of my department because of how I look. I don’t like that 70% of my closet is full of clothes that I can’t comfortably wear. I don’t like that I don’t feel comfortable going shirtless while swimming. I don’t like the way people look at my face and then instantly at my belly. I don’t like that I am overweight.

If you don’t like something, change it. That’s what I’m going to do at this point. I’m going to change that I’m overweight.

My goal is to lose 100 pounds by May 1st, 2018. That is 316 days from today. My sister is graduating college in May and we are planning a family trip to a beach.

To accomplish that goal, I’m going to follow this gameplan which is likely to change:

  • Consume less than 1,700 calories per day
  • I’m going to intermittently fast 2-3 times per week
  • Increase my exercise level


Status update:

I currently weigh 261.4 pounds.

I have lost 0 pounds as of today, 6/19/2017.

That’s 0 cans out of those four 30 pack’s I’m carrying around.

Zero To One Hundred, Real Quick. 💯


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