Day 2 Recap

Day 2 started with a surprising result from my morning weigh in: I’ve lost 8 pounds in two days. After losing several pounds yesterday my first guess was that I had lost a lot of water weight. One of my main focuses was to rehydrate and I believe I successfully did.

I talked a little about intermittent fasting in my original blog post. Both Day 1 & 2, I did a 24 hour fast. I don’t think you’re generally supposed to do 24 hour fasts back to back, the second day I simply wasn’t hungry at lunch. I’ve been a big believer in intermittent fasting and this two day start to my journey to 100 pounds of weight loss is re-affirming it.

However, I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to lose 8 pounds in two days while staying hydrated. Who knows, though? Maybe I still have water weight to gain back. Regardless, I’m not fasting today and I won’t be upset if I gain a little weight back tomorrow.

Yesterday was another win overall! 2-0. Despite my ice bath to end Day 1, I decided to refrain from running to keep my legs fresh and not burn them out. However, my yard was due for a mow and trimming some weeds. Combining the heat with a heavy self-propelled mower that no longer self-propels, I burned over 1,000 calories in a hour and a half workout.

I’m still pretty sore today (Day 3) so my wife and I are going to swim for exercise today. This will be my first time swimming with my Apple Watch so I’m curious to try out the exercise tracking.

Status update:

I currently weigh 253.4 pounds.

I have lost 8 pounds as of today, 6/21/2017.

Zero To One Hundred, Real Quick. 💯


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